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Privacy Policy

At Creartii we have the utmost respect for the privacy of ALL participants attending workshops and events,  and furthermore have the utmost respect for the privacy of the artists delivering the courses.

The personal information that we collect from you (email, phone numbers and maybe BACS details, and in regard to children’s workshops any medical details relevant to attend the Children’s activities) are only used to ensure and maintain a high level of service to you, and to communicate with you effectively.

Email addresses and Telephone numbers:

Email addresses and telephone numbers are used ONLY for communication with Creartii. Email addresses are NOT added to the Creartii mailing list unless voluntarily done so by you through the Creartii website. If you have signed up to Creartii’s mailing list, the service provider, Mailchimp, is GDPR compliant and their site is encrypted. Creartii will keep these email addresses on the MAilchip site to allow us to communicate with you, but you have the right to inform us at anytime if you would like to stop receiving the mailing list updates. This can be done by contacting Creartii direct at

Creartii does NOT share any information to third party companies.  Yahoo is used to communicate via email which is GDPR compliant. All emails are encrypted within Yahoo, therefore the information given within them is secure. Telephone numbers are only used for communication with you, and the mobile used to make the calls and texts are encrypted. If Facebook Messenger is used to converse with you, via the Creartii Facebook page, a secret conversation is activated by Creartii to ensure end to end encryption.

Booking Online

When booking online, any information you give such as email address and telephone numbers are kept securely on the service area of the Creartii website which is only accessed by Creartii and High Heel Creative, Creartii’s website host. High Heel Creative is fully GDPR compliant.

Once the workshop has taken place, all information is permanently deleted from the service area of the Creartii website.

Children’s Activities: 

Any information given via the Parent Consent form completed at the start of any workshop, which includes consent for photos and any medical details to be aware of, are kept in a secure locked location. You are welcome to access this information at any time, and request for the information to be destroyed if you so wish. Parent consent forms will be relevent for one year, and after this time will be shredded. A new Parent consent form will be requested to be completed annually.

Photographs of the children, and of their artwork,  will NEVER be used on the website or on social media without your written consent. Photos will never be shared with third parties. Photos are taken using a mobile phone which is encrypted, and a camera.



Photographs of you or your artwork, whether a participant on a workshop or an artist teaching, will not be shared on the Creartii website and social media without your written consent beforehand. Written consent will be in paper format and asked for at the start of a workshop. This will be kept as a record in a secure, locked location. Any information will be kept for a year, subject access rights will be adhered to at all times where you are entitled to view this information, and then shredded if not needed after a year.


BACS details and Payment online

Creartii uses the service STRIPE to collect your booking payment for workshops online. This company is end to end encrypted and so your payment details remain safe when using Creartii’s website. Stripe DO NOT share your payment details with Creartii. If you are asked to give your BACS details to Creartii for teaching payment, the details are kept on Creartii’s online banking service with the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is secure and encrypted.

Artist Teachers

Artists delivering workshops complete a written contract with Creartii, detailing their compliance with GDPR within their business, where any participants information such as emails and telephone numbers shared between Creartii and the artist are purely for the purposes of the workshop only. These written contracts are kept in a secure, locked location at Creartii, and subject access rights are applicable. These written contracts are kept in perpetuity for the duration of the working relationship with Creartii.

In the contract, Creartii will stipulate that personal information will not be used by the artist in the future for any marketing purposes, third party involvement and contact other than that for the purpose of the workshop/event the participant is booked upon.